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CardioHealth Alliance

CardioHealth Alliance is a new alliance with a platform to consider clinical research across the consortium.  

“The CardioHealth Alliance is focused on taking new approaches to the clinical study and implementation of heart health care. Together, we are focused on disrupting how we prevent and care for this pervasive disease which costs substantial loss of life, as well as billions of dollars each year in health care.” - Dr. Ken Mahaffey, MD, Director, Stanford Center for Clinical Research 

If interested, submit proposals to Dr. Ken Mahaffey at or Dr. Fatima Rodriguez at

Stanford’s new coronavirus treatment approach: Hit hard — and early

A new clinical trial at Stanford University is part of an emerging movement to find COVID-19 medicines that can be given almost immediately after infection, before the virus gains a firm foothold in the body. Learn more.

Project Baseline: Putting People at the Heart of Health Research

This month marked the two-year anniversary of Project BaselineVerily’s initiative to map human health. [Project Baseline] started with a longitudinal, observational Health Study in partnership with Duke University School of Medicine, Stanford Medicine, and Google. Learn more.

Apple Watch Detects Irregular Heart Beat in Large U.S. Study

Reuters reports that the Apple Watch was able to detect irregular heart pulse rates that could signal the need for further monitoring for a serious heart rhythm problem, according to data from a large study funded by Apple Inc., demonstrating a potential future role for wearable consumer technology in healthcare. Learn more.

2nd SCCR Research Conference

Thursday September 8, 2022

We are excited to have the SCCR second in-person conference and have invited the faculty, researchers and SCCR collaborators and their teams from across the School of Medicine to attend and present at the 2nd SCCR Research Conference. SCCR’s 1st research conference was in 2019 and was a great success with almost 20 posters presented. 

Research staff will have an opportunity to present a scientific poster on a research study they are working on. This is a unique opportunity to showcase SCCR's Clinical Research Projects, recognize and celebrate the staff’s accomplishments and efforts, network across our organization and with our collaborators, and provide an opportunity for growth in scientific writing, data analysis, presentation skills and public speaking.  All staff were strongly encourage to put together a poster individually or jointly as a team to present the study they're working on.

The morning  started off with brief introductions by SCCR leadership, and a keynote speaker, Vice Chair and Director of FA from Department of Medicine, Cathy Garzio, MBA. There were 2 Poster sessions (a round-robin style of poster presentation) with about 9-10 scientic posters presented in each session.

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