Surgical Babushka Program

o  Feeling sick or under the weather? 

o  Cough? Congestion? Dehydration? Fevers?

o  Wish you had a grandma who could bring you some hot noodle soup, DayQuil, cough drops, fruit, and check in on you?

Introducing the “Surgical Babushka Program

The Babushka program is a resident-led initiative focused on taking care of residents during acute episodes of illness.  Residents who are sick can text or e-mail the group of Babushkas who will then hand-deliver a package containing essential medications, soup, tea, and hydration supplies. The Babushkas are clinical and research residents as well as faculty and staff.  

Just send an email to and you’ll get a hand-delivered goodie bag with everything you need and a Babushka to check in on you until you’re feeling better.


Read more about it:

Research about our Surgical Babushka Program was recently published in the Journal of Surgical Education. Check it out here:


Our article was featured New England Journal Of Medicine Journal Watch: