PTL Process for Residents


This information is for you IF you are NOT currently licensed by the Medical Board of California:

1)       Anyone new to the specialty has 180 days (from the start of their contract) to acquire the PTL. Categorical are in that group. Anyone who was in an intern in another California program and transfers here fall into the 90 days (from the start of their contract). 

2)       To register for online submission, please use this link: or you can begin the process at the main website

3)       Follow the check lists for the necessary forms and methods of submission.

        a)       Stanford GME CheckList  and the complete version listed on the MBC website.

4)       The GME does offer notarization and direct submission to the MBC

        a)       Notarization Page

5)       Keep your payment receipt for proof of submission to MBC so that we may reimburse the fees charged by the MBC ($491).

6)       Use the Live Scan Form for Live scan fingerprinting.  The MBC has already completed their information.

        a)       ONLY complete the Applicant Information

                i)          Name

                ii)        DOB

                iii)       Height

                iv)      Weight

                v)        Eye/Hair

                vi)      place of birth

                vii)        SSN

                viii)               home address


***Residents should be requested to keep documentation of everything that is being sent from their end as well as their Medical school’s side. Many residents have been requested to re-submit documents even though their medical school had sent docs in weeks prior.

Each resident is assigned their own Technical Analyst. The GME or Residency Offices do not have a way to obtain that person’s information until they contact our residents.  Residents must give the tech analyst permission to share their information with the residency office by sending an email to the analyst and copying the residency office


Additional Resources:

The following is a checklist created by a current resident that can help you through the process: Additional Helpful Tips on Obtaining a PTL


CA Medical Board PTL FAQs