What you need to do NOW:

1.       Download the “Voalte Me” mobile app onto your mobile phone from App Store or Google Play

a.       Enter the site code “shcsfo

b.       Log in with same SID and password that you use with Epic

2.       Watch brief Voalte introductory videos (links below)

3.       Review the Voalte Provider Training Guide (attached)

4.       Stop by the “Voalte Genius Bar” in the SHC Atrium – open daily starting Tuesday, Oct 2nd from 9-11am, 1-3pm, and 5-7pm. 


What you need to know:

·         All SHC nurses and clinical staff will have wifi-only smartphones

·         Voalte will be used for all in-hospital communication with the care team

·         Personal pagers and Ghost pagers (spōk) are still required for some other communications

·         Primary Team Members will assign "themselves” to the Epic Treatment Team

·         ED, Radiology, Anesthesia, OR, Lab, and Pharmacy will start using Voalte on 10/23/18

·         Help is available from the SHC Service Desk at 650-723-3333

What changes on 10/9/18:

·         All patient-centric in-hospital communication will use Voalte at SHC

·         Assign "your name” in the Epic Treatment Team upon Admit if you are in the Primary Team

·         Log into Voalte at the start of each shift and choose your role(s) and team(s) for the day

·         Chief Residents and Physician Champions will distribute the specific roles/teams for your service



Thank you in advance for your time and attention in support this critical hospital initiative.  

Feel free to reach out to any of the following team for questions.

Christopher (Topher) Sharp, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Medicine

Cliff Schmiesing, MD, Medical Informatics Director, Anesthesia

Andy Shelton, MD, Medical Informatics Director, Surgery

Ron Li, MD, Clinical Informatics Fellow

Angel Shew, MPH, SHC IT Sr. Program Manager


Voalte Introductory Videos and Articles:

Voalte Me - Part 1 - Downloading and Configuration  (1m 20s)

Voalte Me - Part 2 - Self Assignment Workflow (2m45s)

Voalte Me - Part 3 - Getting Around (3m45s)

Voalte Me - Part 4 - Voalte Directory (2m)

Voalte Me - Part 5 - Alerts, Voice Calls, and Text Messaging (3m45s)

Assign Providers and Staff to a Patient's Treatment Team

Communicate with Treatment Team Members Using Voalte