Covid Protocols and Resources for Residents

Resident Checklist if Exposure

1.     Notify Program Leadership

a.     Program Director-

b.     Associate Program Director of Wellness-

c.     General Surgery Residency Office

d.     Current Admin Chiefs 

2.     Contact the Site director, Site Coordinator and/or Service Chief resident on your service:

a.     Kaiser- Lucy Kim, M.D.

b.     SCVMC-  Lindsay Reilly, MD  

c.     PAVAMC- Sherry Wren, M.D.

d.     LPCH- Jeong Hyun, M.D. 

e.     Tri-Valley- John Gahagan, MD-

3.     Contact Drs. Liebert and Pham if a Medical Student was exposed



4.     Get Tested

5.     Contact HRT 650-497-9595

6.     If you are feeling under the weather, please send an email to the Babushka Program


COVID-19 testing, isolation and booster updates

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