SBSA List Servs

SBSA maintains and moderates three list servs for the biosciences community.


Used for announcements of official SBSA events only. This list serv is moderated and only posts from individuals running events are allowed.


Need help with an experiment, a spare reagent, or a new roommate? Post to biosci-ask. This lightly moderated list can only be posted to by subscribers, but anyone in the Stanford community can subscribe.


Use this list to promote an event or share an article of interest to the biosciences community. Subscribers can post freely. Similar to biosci-ask, we will occasionally approve posts from non-members.

  • To subscribe to these lists, go to and type “sbsa-announce”, “biosci-ask” or “biosci-discuss” into the “Go to Subscriber Page” box.

To unsubscribe, follow the steps above and then type your email address into the "unsubscribe or edit options box." You will be given options to unsubscribe, disable email delivery, etc. 

Even if you unsubscribe from biosci-ask and discuss we recommend that you stay subscribed to SBSA-Announce so you'll still hear about upcoming SBSA events. This list is tightly moderated so you should receive no more than a few emails a week from it.