Service Rates

The following chart is presented to illustrate the typical charges for our services. For an accurate estimate please contact or call 650-725-2918.

Service Description

FY19 Rate / Hour

Experiment Performed by BFNL Staff


Facility / BFNL Equipment Use


Technical Procedure Room Use




FY18 Estimated Rate/Animal
(Data Acquisition)

Fear Conditioning Three day learning and memory assay


Y-Maze Spontaneous alternation test of working memory


Morris Water Maze Seven day spatial memory test


Catwalk Motor function and coordination assay


Open Field General and locomotor activity assay


Elevated Plus Maze Anxiety-related behavior assessment


Prepulse Inhibition Four day startle response assay


Passive Avoidance Learning and memory assay


Rota-rod Test Motor coordination and balance assay


Automated Home Cage Testing Long-term home cage observations of activity (max 24 mice)


Light / Dark Box Anxiety and activity assay