Sample Management Software

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Stanford Biobank’s sample management system includes both inventory and laboratory workflow capabilities and has been specifically designed to manage accessioning, processing, and storage in biobanking programs. 

Key Features

  • Specimen Distribution - Manage requests and distribute specimens to researchers. This is really important for chain-of-custody of the specimens.
  • Security and Permissions – customize user permissions per study and per lab. We can create permissions based on the user’s role in the study.
  • Reporting – OpenSpecimen supports complex queries that can be saved, are shareable and exported easily.
  • Integrations – the current integrations with OpenSpecimen are to REDCap, EPIC, printers, scanners to OpenSpecimen


Specimen Processing

Designed to manage specimen processing and storage with capabilities such as batch processing documentation for aliquoting, pooling and derivatives, as well as any processing performed prior to running assays. Streamline your processes as your specimens move from receipt through the laboratory to storage, shipment or destruction.


Integrated Data Repository

No need for multiple systems tracking different types of data. Instead, store your specimen inventory, processing and experimental data all in a single location annotated with clinical, subject and assay data for analysis and identification of trends. Configurable validation checks ensure validity and accuracy of data and reduce data entry errors.

The Biobank is in the process of upgrading this LIMS system in the coming months.

OpenSpecimen home page

Study Page set up in OpenSpecimen