Biobank Solutions

Specimens have only one purpose: to generate data, not live in freezers.

'One-Stop Shop' for Life Science Research

Looking for the complete solution to supporting your clinical research study? The Stanford Biobank proudly partners with the Clinical and Translational Research Unit (CTRU) to provide the research community with services for full ambulatory care alongside biospecimen acquisition, processing, and storage. The combination of these two centers provides full chain-of-custody tracking on all samples and ensure quality methodologies are followed. Learn more about CTRU, including services and pricing on their website.

Inventory Software

Accession and manage your own virtual sample inventory by licesning a copy of Stanford Biobank's EHR-connected sample inventory software.

Long-Term Storage

Don't risk losing your life's work with a single freezer meltdown. Split or move your entire inventory to our remote long-term remote storage.

Big Data Platform

Leverage the first research platform permitting any lab to connect, search, and visualize EPIC, REDCap, and molecular values linked to your samples.

Biobank eConsent

In partnership with the Precision Health Biobank, we support a broad biobank e-consent that research teams can utilize for their studies.