Research Intake Form

If you are an external researcher who would like to recruit Stanford student athletes as part of your research study, you should first email to ensure your eligibility to work with our athletes in a research capacity. 

Internal and external researchers who would like to recruit Stanford student athletes should complete the Research Intake Form, which requests information such as: Study Description, IRB Review Status, Study Start and End dates, Desired Athletic Teams, etc.

The updated SaROC Research Intake Form can be found at the below link: 

SaROC Research Intake Form


The information you provide SaROC with in the Research Intake Form will allow SaROC to make a decision regarding your proposed research study.


* Please note, as of January 2022 we have moved our Research Intake Form to Smartsheet application. The old Qualtrics link has been redirected to this new active Smartsheet link.