Conducting Research with Student Athletes

Using the navigation pane on the left, click on the 'Proposed Research' tab if you are an external/internal investigator who is interested in recruiting Stanford student athletes as research participants. This page details the processes required to begin recruiting Stanford student athletes. On the 'Research Intake Form' page, you will find a link to the form you are required to submit to provide the committee with information about your proposed study with Stanford student athletes. 

'Ongoing Research' details the responsibilities investigators who are recruiting Stanford student athletes have to SaROC. This includes study status updates, registration and maintenance of the protocol in OnCore, etc. 

SaROC has formulated guidances to protect and serve our Stanford student athlete population. If you are an investigator actively working with Stanford student athletes in a research capacity, it is important that you review the 'Completed Research/Ready to Publish' as well as the 'Incidental Findings' tabs. These guidelines address the maintainence of athlete privacy during publication of data and the relaying of incidental research findings to athletes and stakeholders. 


For more information, please contact SaROC at