Discovering and Deploying Better Approaches for Achieving Health

Our research programs include the following:

Establishing a Culture of Health as Business Imperative

Every business, knowingly or not, is in the health business. Business, together with health and community partners, can promote a culture of health through four distinct, but interrlated, pillars: consumer health, employee health, community health, and environmental health. This research explores opportunities for making health a business imperative. 

Identifying Bright Spots in Patient Care Delivery

This program identifies and spreads organizational attributes associated with better value care. 

Promoting Integrated Patient Care

For over a decade, Dr. Singer's research has re-conceptualized the meaning of integrated patient care and care integration in ways that emphasize patient's perspectives, including social as well as organizational forms of integrating, to ensure that patients don't get lost in the health system.

Tech-enabled Future of Work

Engineering High Reliability Learning Lab