Current Grants

Reimagining Product Regulation by Quantifying the Economic Externalities of Commercial Influences on Health Behaviors

National Academy of Medicine, PI

Sep 2023-Sep 2024

Abstract award

Using comprehensive data capture technology to improve experts’ work

National Science Foundation, PI (2026498-002 Supplement)

Jun 2023-Sep 2024

Frugal innovations in child cardiac care in a rural health system in India

Maternal and Child Health Research Institute, Center for Innovation in Global Health, co-PI (Kanwalijeet, PI)

Jun 2023-Jun 2024

Award abstract

Data Stewardship to Enhance Understanding of Health and Disease in Resource-Limited Settings—Teaming Module

National Institutes of Health, Module PI (Lee, Project PI, 1OT2OD032644) 

Sep 2022-Aug 2026

Providing Tools to Engage Employers in Promoting Health, Wellbeing, and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for All in Silicon Valley

Spectrum Community Engagement Pilot Grant

Jul 2022-Jun 2023

Award abstract

Exploring a rapidly progressing human-technology frontier: learning systems that enable healthcare workers to perfect safety-critical work

National Science Foundation, PI (2026498)

Oct 2020-Sep 2024

Award abstract

Protecting the Mental and Physical Well-Being of Frontline Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

PCORI, Subcontract PI (COVID-2020C2-10721)

Sep 2020-Nov 2023

Award abstract

Deriving an Evidence Base for Emergency Management in U.S. Hospitals: Toward Resilience in the Midst of COVID-19

AHRQ, Co-Investigator (R01 HS028240)

Nov 2020-Nov 2023

Award abstract

Care Coordination and Outcomes for High Risk Patients: Building the Evidence for Implementation

VA HSR&D, Coinvestigator (Hynes, PI, 20-165)

Oct 2021-Mar 2025

Award abstract

Understanding the Effects of the MISSON Act on VA’s Specialty Care Referral Networks

VA HSR&D, Coinvestigator (Adams, PI, HX003192)

Jan 2022-Dec 2026   

Award abstract

Additional News

National Academy of Medicine

More Than 100 Innovators Awarded in Global Competition Seeking Solutions with the Aim to Improve Healthy Longevity

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and its global partners have unveiled the recipients of the prestigious 2023 Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards. Spanning over 50 countries and territories, this groundbreaking initiative is part of the NAM's Healthy Longevity Global Competition, committed to propelling cutting-edge research and entrepreneurship aimed at revolutionizing healthy aging. In its current cycle, the competition drew a staggering 1,100 applications worldwide, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute innovative solutions for extending the human healthspan. The chosen 20 awardees, hailing from a wide array of disciplines, will each receive $50,000 USD in seed funding to propel their groundbreaking ideas towards transforming the future of aging and health.

Access the full report here

Clinical Changemakers

Inspiring clinicians to thrive

Discover the world of healthcare leadership, innovation, and transformation with the Clinical Changemakers podcast, hosted by Dr. Jono Hoogerbrug, an experienced General Practitioner and New Zealand’s recipient of the Commonwealth Funds' Harkness Fellowship where he was based at Stanford University. Join Dr. Hoogerbrug as he engages in enlightening conversations with healthcare leaders from around the world, delving deep into their wealth of expertise. Together, they explore a diverse array of topics, ranging from leadership and management to quality improvement in healthcare, innovative solutions for combatting climate change, insights into solving homelessness through advocacy and policy, equitable health system frameworks, the role of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT in healthcare, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, building effective teams, fostering digital innovation, and gaining entrepreneurial perspectives from Venture Capitalists. Become a changemaker in healthcare. Start by listening to Clinical Changemakers.


Access the podcast here

A Conversation with Gary White and Matt Damon

Co-founders of and WaterEquity

HELIO’s Global Leaders and Innovators in Human & Planetary Health: Sustainable Societies Lab (MED 285/HRP 285/SUSTAIN 345), hosted a special session on May 25, 2023, for the Stanford Community, featuring social entrepreneur Gary White and actor and water equity advocate Matt Damon.

Addressing the global water crisis through social entrepreneurship

‘The difference water can make’: Matt Damon and Gary White discuss clean water access






New National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Report

Transforming Health Care to Create Whole Health: Strategies to Assess, Scale, and Spread the Whole Person Approach to Health

Whole health is physical, behavioral, spiritual, and socioeconomic well-being as defined by individuals, families, and communities. Whole health care is an interprofessional, team-based approach anchored in trusted relationships to promote well-being, prevent disease, and restore health. It aligns with a person's life mission, aspiration, and purpose. It shifts the focus from a reactive disease-oriented medical care system to one that prioritizes disease prevention, health, and well-being. It changes the health care conversation from "What’s wrong with you?" to "What matters to you?"

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Samueli Foundation, and the Whole Health Institute commissioned the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to establish a committee to provide guidance on how to fill gaps and create processes to accelerate the transformation to whole health care for veterans, both inside and outside the VA system, and the rest of the U.S. population. The resulting report presents findings and recommendations that provide a roadmap for improving health and well-being for veterans and the nation.

Access the full report here

Perfecting Teamwork: Building High-Performing Teams by Encouraging Learning

In this episode of Think Fast, Talk Smart, Sara Singer, a professor of organizational behavior (by courtesy) at Stanford Graduate School of Business and a professor at Stanford School of Medicine, sits down with host and lecturer Matt Abrahams to discuss the role of open communication in high-performing teams.

Access the full episode here.

Building H selected as a 2021 Fast Company World Changing Idea

Congratulations to our collaborators at Building H, who received an honorable mention award for one of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas for 2021. With Building H, we are working the build health back into everyday life. As part of this effort, Building H has built a prototype assessment tool—the Building H Index—that examines the impact of selected products and services on five behaviors: eating; physical activity; sleep; social connection; and getting outdoors.