Professional Development Bootcamp

Traditionally, surgical residents take one to two dedicated years for research, commonly known as “the lab years.” However, many residents pursue scholarship in nontraditional fields such as biodesign, industry, health services, and education. Therefore, the Department of Surgery has relabeled these years as “Professional Development (PD) years.”

The PD Bootcamp is an annual seminar program for PD residents and postdoctoral fellows. It spans 10 weeks during the fall quarter. We leverage our institutional expertise in research methodology, quantitative & qualitative methods, information science, and academic leadership to catalyze our learners’ careers toward academic success.

The goal of the Professional Development Boot Camp is to guide residents on a pathway toward academic achievement and leadership. As the residents transition from a clinical environment, this structured curriculum helps create a community of practice toward maximizing scholarship and self-efficacy during their professional development years. Interdisciplinary instructors give weekly workshop sessions with our residents covering high-yield processes such as setting ambitious yet attainable goals, conducting a targeted literature review, and earning the perfect position after graduation.

Summer Sessions