Rusu Laboratory


Mirabela Rusu, PhD

Principal Investigator

Email: mirabela.rusu at

Phone: +1-650-497-7213



Elizabeth Colvin

Administrative Associate

Email: colvin at

Phone: +1-650-724-9286

Indrani Bhattacharya, PhD

Research Engineer (joint appointment with UCIL)

My research interests include applying computer vision, machine learning, and multimodal data analytics to predict disease extent and sub-type using  a fusion of radiology and pathology images.

Negar Golestani, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

My research interests are wearable sensors, medical image analysis, signal processing, machine learning, and deep learning. I received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in digital signal and image processing from the Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, in 2014. I joined Microwave Systems, Sensors and Imaging Lab (MiXIL) in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California, where I worked under the mentorship of Prof. Mahta Moghaddam. I received my M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, and the Ph.D. degree in 2017, 2019, and 2021, respectively, from the University of Southern California

Golnaz Moallem, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

My research interests include machine learning and computer vision applications in clinical data analysis, particularly the design and development of deep vision systems for medical image analysis including image classification and object detection. I completed my B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, and my M.S. and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University.

Hassan Jahanandish, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Stefania Moroianu

PhD Candidate

I come from Romania, and I did my undergraduate studies in the UK at the University of Cambridge. There I received my bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences along with the Master of Science in Physics. I'm now a Ph.D. candidate in the Applied Physics Department at Stanford. I joined the PIMed lab in autumn 2019, where I work on deep learning methods to improve early breast cancer detection on MRI. In my free time, I like to exercise, read, play tennis, travel, dance.

Cynthia Li

PhD Student

Masters Student in ICME (Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering).

Email: xli0429 at

Simon John Christoph Soerensen, MD

Visiting Research Student

Email: simonjcs at

David Lim

MS Student

My research interests include robust machine learning in medicine, self-supervised learning in deep computer vision models, and ethics/equity in medical applications of A.I. I completed an undergraduate degree in Symbolic Systems (Neuroscience) in 2018 and after 2 years as a machine learning engineer in industry, returned to do research for my Masters' in Computer Science.

Email: dslim at


Wei Shao, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

My research focuses on image registration and medical imaging.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Florida 

Karin Stacke

Visiting PhD Student Researcher

I received my master’s degree in Medical Image analysis in 2016 from Linköping University in Sweden. Now, I am a final year industrial PhD candidate at Linköping University and Sectra AB. I joined the PIMed lab in the spring of 2022 for a 6 months research visit. My research interests are focused on understanding the data used to train deep learning applications, specifically what special considerations needs to be taken when training deep learning models for histopathology applications.

Current Position: Software Developer - Sectra

Okyaz Eminaga, MD/PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Hitha Revalla

MS Student

Email: hitha at


Linda Thu-Van Banh

MS Student

Mihir Shah

Undergraduate Intern

Email: mihir.mshah2 at


Ahmed Alsinan, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Arun Seetharaman

MS Student

Email: arun at


Fang-Yu Lin

Vidush Shridhar Mukund

MS Student

Han Lin Aung

MS Student

Email: hanlaung at


Xingchen Liu

MS Student

Aditya Dusi

MS Student

Sachi Parikh

High School Intern