The Laboratory for Integrative Personalized Medicine (PIMed) is directed by Dr. Mirabela Rusu, PhD,  and is part of the School of Medicine, Department of Radiology, Division of Integrative Biomedical Imaging Informatics at Stanford University.    

The PIMed Laboratory has a multi-disciplinary direction and focuses on developing analytic methods for biomedical data integration, with a particular interest in radiology-pathology fusion to facilitate radiology image labeling . The radiology-pathology fusion allows the creation of detailed spatial labels, that later on can be used as input for advanced machine learning, such as deep learning. The recent focus of the lab has been on applying deep learning methods to detect and differentiate aggressive from indolent prostate cancers on MRI using the pathology information (both labels and the image content), work that was recently published in Medical Physics and Medical Image Analysis Journals.

PIMed closely collaborates with the Urologic Cancer Innovation Lab at Stanford for the prostate cancer work. 

Our latest news and updates can be found by following our twitter account @StanfordPimed or Dr. Rusu's account @DrMirabelaRusu