SpinLab Polarization System at Lucas Center

March 31, 2015

A new SpinLab polarization system from General Electric was installed this month in the Lucas Center for Medical Imaging adjacent to the existing PET-MRI scanner.

“By increasing the signal from 13C nuclei over 20,000 fold, we will now be able to use MRI to image real-time metabolism in both preclinical models and patients, enabling detailed studies of underlying disease mechanisms, improved treatment monitoring, and earlier diagnosis”, said Prof. Spielman, who is leading this research effort.  This novel equipment is part of a PET/MR/13C imaging center recently established at the Lucas Center.  This new service center will provide unprecedented opportunities to perform multimodal imaging of in vivo metabolism by combining the unique strengths of both nuclear medicine and MRI.  Stanford is one of the first sites in the world to combine these technologies