Jang-hwan Choi wins ORS New Investigator Award

Using a C-arm CT system, rapid weight-bearing images can be combined with high-resolution images obtained in a supine position to measure changes in cartilage thickness to study spatial loading and strain variations.

March 2016

Dr. Jang-hwan Choi was awarded one of ten Orthopedic Research Society (ORS) New Investigator Recognition Awards for his presentation 'In Vivo 3D Measurement of Time-dependent Human Knee Joint Compression and Cartilage Strain during Static Weight Bearing' .  The presentation is a summary of first results from the zeegoLab weight-bearing cartilage compression imaging protocol that Jang developed during his PhD, under supervision of Rebecca Fahrig, Garry Gold and Marc Levenston.  

Dr. Choi's research exploits the unique ability of the zeegoLab C-arm CT scanner, which can obtain high-resolution supine and weight-bearing scans that enable measurement of knee cartilage deformation.  These measurements have the potential to enable novel studies of cartilage mechanics and joint health.