Science Education Enrichment for Diversity (SEED) Outreach Program

Are you interested in helping to combat educational inequality in our local community, developing your teaching skills, and adding volunteer hours to your CV? If yes, please consider our new Radiology Trainee initiative that will send volunteers to local middle school classrooms to assist with hands-on STEM programming starting this fall*! Please fill out this general interest form if you are interested in participating or would just like to learn more. All are encouraged to participate, and no experience with teaching children is required.

*Note that we are developing contingency plans to teach lessons over Zoom if we cannot enter classrooms due to COVID protocols.

Our Goal: 

The Radiology Outreach Program, or SEED (Science Education Enrichment for Diversity), aims to increase interest in STEM in a group of young under-represented minority studentsCollaborate with a local teacher to facilitate in-class hands-on science lessons for local students to help them see themselves as future scientists and thereby increase under-represented-minorities in STEM.


  • 4-6 lessons per year
  • Partner with a single teacher responsible for 4-8 classes 


  • Volunteers to help with in-class lessons. 
  • No prior experience required, we will provide training 

Benefit of Participating:

  • Better understand educational inequality in the American education system. 
  • Learn about challenges faced by under-represented-minority students .
  • Gain confidence presenting your research to a young audience.
  • Opportunity to mentor promising young students.
  • Experience working with communities different from your own. 
  • Illustrate your own unique path to STEM for other students to draw from.
  • It is fun and rewarding! 

Time Commitment: 

~8 hours/quarter

Interested in participating?

Please fill out this general interest form.

For volunteers who will be entering the classroom:

Please note you would have to complete the WWM-1000-WEB Working with Minors at Stanford online training in Axess and also please check this packet that contains information on background checks and how to get reimbursed for them, forms, online trainings, etc.


You can contact us at