Stanford Hospital Committees With Resident Representation

One of the important initiatives of the Resident Safety Council is to ensure resident representation on all major quality- and safety-related hospital committees.  With the help of GME and hospital executives, we have been able to successfully align the initiatives of major administrative committees and the RSC.

Resident representatives are active members of each committee and voice their peers' ideas and concerns. They report back to the RSC with minutes and action items to ensure all parties remain informed.


Quality, Patient Safety, and Effectiveness Committee (QPSE)

The Quality, Patient Safety, and Clinical Effectiveness Committee (QPSEC) is the umbrella committee which oversees all the quality improvement and patient safety committees in the hospital.

Patient Safety Committee

The Patient Safety Committee (PSC) is one of the Medical Executive Committees and is run by Dr. Ann Weinacker, MD and Dr. Raj Behal, MD. The PSC reviews and approves of patient safety protocols. In addition, the PSC reviews key events, systems and processes and implements interventions to prevent poor outcomes.

Health Information Management The Health Information Management (HIM) Committee is one of the subcommittees of the QPSEC. HIM Committee reviews documentation and use of electronic and paper medical records and conducts audits to ensure compliance.
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee The Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee is a subcommittee of the QPSEC. The P&T Committee reviews the pharmaceutical practices of the hospital and focuses on improvement in effectiveness, safety, and cost.
Infection Control Committee The Infection Control Committee (ICC) is a subcommittee of the QPSEC. The ICC focuses on preventing nosocomial infections and control of multi-drug resistant organism spread through protocols and audits.

Overview of the Stanford Health Care Quality Structure to help contextualize the role of the Stanford Hospital committees.  RSC members of any PGY level are encouraged to sit and contribute on these hospital-level committees.