Matthew A. Kunicki

Life Science Research Professional I

  • B.Sc. Biochemistry (minors: Philosophy & English)   

Research Interests

Hello! I joined the Roncarolo/Bacchetta research team recently after my undergraduate studies at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). I was introduced to T cell immunology here at Stanford, having had previous experiences with whole-exome analysis and molecular techniques at the Children’s Hospital Orange County Heme/Onc research, and stem cell culture and enzymology at the CSULB Biochemistry Dept. This earlier work has been helpful in developing a CD4+ T helper and T regulatory focused mass cytometric assay for the phenotypic analysis of these cells in health and during immune dysregulation. Bioinformatics plays a large role in our current work to understand the comprehensive changes in frequency and function of these CD4+ T cell subsets, and to pin-point specific features associated with immune-mediated disease.



  1. Kunicki, M., Laura, A., Davis, K., Bacchetta, R., Roncarolo, MG. Peripheral T-helper and T-regulatory cells identity, diversity and overlap dissected by mass cytometry in healthy subjects. [Prepared Manuscript]

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