The Rogalla Lab

Our Mission

We develop and improve biomedical imaging technologies to study cancer and autoimmune diseases with the goal of improving diagnosis and treatment outcomes. These tools allow us to observe and understand changes across a variety of disease models, ranging from the more experimentally accessible cell culture and animal models to clinical trials in patients. We take advantage of a broad spectrum of emerging optical imaging strategies available at Stanford University to perform cutting-edge research. Our lab research focuses on improving the quality of patient outcomes by improving cancer detection, understanding disease pathogenesis and progression, and developing data-driven hypotheses for downstream interrogation by more traditional methods.

Lab Meeting

 Thursday 9:30 - 10:30 AM

Detailed schedule can be found here.

Rogalla Lab News

Congratulations to Dr. John Gubatan for getting selected as a FORWARD fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA)

Congratulations on Dr. Elizabeth Holman’s perspective article in Frontiers in Imaging

Congratulations on Dr. Elizabeth Holman's featured article in Applied Physics Reviews! Check out APR's Scilight

Congratulations on Dr. Derek Holman's article in Science Advances



Principal Investigator



Stephan Rogalla, x = srogalla

Raoul Sojwal

y@stanford.edy, y = rsojwal


Alway Building, Room M001

300 Pasteur Drive

Stanford, CA 94305