Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship
OCD and Related Disorders

APA-accredited Psychosocial Clinic Postdoctoral Fellowship includes an opportunity to work with the lab within the “OCD and related disorders” emphasis area.

The OCD and related disorders emphasis area specializes in individual cognitive behavioral treatments and group treatments for OCD and related disorders including hoarding disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, trichotillomania, and participation in ongoing NIMH, foundation, donor and industry sponsor funded research studies.

Postdoctoral fellows see patients with OCD and related disorders, anxiety, and/or depressive disorders in the Stanford Psychosocial Clinic and participates in supervisions and didactics organized by Stanford’s Clinical Psychology Adult Program. This aspect of the rotation is flexible in terms of patient populations the fellow is most interested in, and supervision is tailored to each fellow’s unique needs and goals. Postdoctoral fellows also work with the Rodriguez Translational Therapeutics Lab. In the Lab, fellows see clinical research participants for Exposure and Response Prevention Treatment, and provides clinical assessments, included but not limited to YBOCS and SCID-5 – Research Version.

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