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Mental Health Correlates of Active and Retired Professional Hockey Players

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Retirement from sport has been found to be a significant risk to athletes’ psychological health. Athletes transitioning out of competitive sport can experience a multitude of difficulties, including depression, alcohol or substance abuse, identity crises, and decreased self-confidence.  In addition, high-level athletes often sacrifice their educational achievement in pursuit of their sporting careers, which can lead to uncertainty about their futures and leave them ill-prepared to begin new careers in their post-sport life.

There are gaps in the research literature on athlete career termination. The bulk of the research has been conducted on college level athletes, with less attention given to professional level athletes, especially those in minor professional league ranks. In addition, most research on athlete career termination has focused exclusively on the initial response to retirement, with less attention given to the long-term impact of athletic retirement. Finally, there is limited research on the impact of individual characteristics common to athletes (e.g. athletic identity, masculine traits; conformity to masculine gender norms) before and after retirement from professional sport.

Purpose: This study is designed to enhance our understanding of the mental health correlates of active and retired professional hockey players by addressing these gaps in the literature.  

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The Rodriguez Lab is looking for adult veterans 18-65 years old with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

  • Free diagnostic evaluation
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  • You are a current OR former member of the Professional Hockey Players' Association (PHPA)

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A single online survey set, which will take approximately 15-25 minutes

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