Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Research

About OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) was described as early as the seventeenth century, when the Oxford Don, Robert Burton, reported a case in his compendium, The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621). Modern concepts of OCD began to evolve in France and Germany in the nineteenth century. In the late twentieth century we have begun to understand the biology of this mental disorder, as neurochemical assay and brain imaging techniques have become available.

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OCD - Current Clinical Studies

The Rodriguez Lab studies aim to find brain based treatments for OCD. All candidates undergo a screening process to ensure participants' involvement to the appropriate clinical study. Clinical studies procedures include medical assessment, psychological assessments, computer-based assessments, MRI scans, EEG and lab tests. The study participation is voluntary and participants have the right to withdrawal at any time.

Current Clinical Studies