Selected Publications


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K for OCD A Stanford Medicine Article About Dr. Rodriguez’s Research By Tracie White [Link]


Hack LM, Zhang X, Heifets BD, Suppes T, van Roessel PJ, Yesavage JA, Gray NJ, Hilton R, Rodriguez CI, Deisseroth K, Knutson B, Williams LM. Ketamine’s acute effects on negative brain states are mediated through distinct dissociative states in humans In Revision with Nature Communications, 2023. [PDF]

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Hoarding Disorder

Raila, H., Avanesyan, T., Valentine, K., Koo, B., Huang, C., Tsutsumi, Y., Andreeff, E., Qiu, T., Munoz Rodriguez, P., Varias, A., Filippou-Frye, M., Roessel, P. Bullock, K., Periyakoil, V., and Rodriguez, C. Augmenting Group Hoarding Disorder Treatment With Virtual Reality (VR) Uncluttering: A Pilot Study. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 2023.  [PDF]

Rodriguez, C. I. and Frost, R. Hoarding Disorder: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide. 2023. [PDF]

Fracalanza, K., Raila, H., Avanesyan, T., Rodriguez, C.I. Written Imaginal Exposure for Hoarding Disorder: A Preliminary Pilot Study [Link]