Discovering treatments

Providing hope - Improving lives

The Translational Therapeutics Lab seeks to translate our understanding of the brain bases of emotion and behavior to develop rapid-acting treatments for mental illness. We partner with collaborators at multiple points along the drug discovery and development pathway to discover new treatments across the lifespan.

Our interdisciplinary approach involves identifying promising compounds and designing clinical trials that simultaneously provide information about mechanism and efficacy. We utilize multiple modalities (fMRI, EEG, MRS) to understand where and when compounds are targeting the brain at multiple levels including molecules, circuits, networks, and behaviors to produce rapid relief of symptoms.

We are committed to educating the public about mental illness and clinical research. 


To serve our patients with compassion, to collaborate with interdisciplinary scientists and community partners, and to lead innovative high-quality research studies that accelerate and transform treatments for severe mental illness


To innovate targeted rapid-acting treatments and drive insights into the brain basis of OCD and related disorders to relieve suffering of patients