Early Termination

Most clinical trial agreements (CTA) do not have a specified end date stated in the contract. The agreements typically state that the study will terminate when it has been completed at the site or the sponsor notifies the site in writing to cease enrollment and all study activities.

When both the sponsor and study team agree that all work on the clinical trial, including all financial obligations, has been completed before the Award end date, the study team or department may request an Early Termination by submitting a Clinical Trial Research Management Group (CT RMG) Early Termination form (link to form) to the CT RMG Intake Team.

If a Stanford department receives a Notice of Termination, the department should submit the notice to CT RMG to update the SeRA (Stanford Electronic Research Administration) system record to reflect the correct end date of the Study.

How to Request an Early Termination

Study team may request an Early Termination by filling out the CT RMG Early Termination form and submitting it to: rmg_ct_intake@stanford.edu.

CT RMG will assigns the request to a Contract Officer, who will:

  1. Checks the CTA to determine the process for termination required by the contract;
  2. Notifies the Sponsor if the Department or PI is requested requesting an early termination; 
  3. Changes the end date in SeRA to the requested end date or the date in the Notice of Termination; and
  4. Issues an Early Termination Notice of Award (NOA).

The Department works with Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Post Award to close the study account.


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