Selected Publications (chronological order)

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Better off without it? Broken gene may help protect against ulcerative colitis

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GTEx findings reveal new insights into how DNA differences influence gene activity, disease susceptibility

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Un paso más allá del análisis del genoma

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Assessing Rare Variation in Complex Traits

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Protein truncating variants in APOC3 strongly decrease triglyceride levels

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Syzygy also detected 75/80 rare variants (MAF<1%) included in the study as positive controls (24/26 base substitutions, 14/14 insertions, 30/32 deletions and 7/8 complex indels). Thus sensitivity was 99.6% for base substitutions and 94.4% for rare indels. 


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The recipe for finding human genetic variation

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Bringing rare variants to light with new technique

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Protein truncating genetic variants that protect against Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis identified in IL23R and CARD9


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Additional Publications (alphabetical order)

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