Sriram Hemachandran

I am a researcher interested in studying cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal pathologies and, look for prophylactic and/or remedial translational strategies. I did my undergraduate degree in biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai, India. I did my master’s in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Texas at Dallas and my masters’ thesis work was done at UT Southwestern medical center in Dr. Chandra Mohan’s lab. In my master’s, I investigated possible diagnostic markers for the autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus. My strong interest in neurobiology made me pursue a Ph.D. degree in Dr. Steven Green’s lab at the University of Iowa. In my Ph.D. I was involved in two projects: The first project was to understand the role of the lateral olivocochlear efferent system in synapse loss during trauma, and the second project was to regenerate synapses after synaptic damage. My current project in the Ricci lab focuses on age-related hearing loss. I am specifically looking at tight junction proteins, the role they play in maintaining proper functioning of the hair cells and, develop a relevant model for age-related hearing loss that could be translated to human conditions. My long-term goal is to integrate my knowledge of immunology and neurobiology to study the immunological aspects of neuronal pathologies.

Apart from science, I am a huge sports fan. I have been playing cricket from my childhood and continued that passion when I moved to the United States. I also love to watch soccer, badminton, and football. I also like to hike; camp and enjoy historical documentaries.