Amel El Bahloul

I am a biochemist who loves making proteins and discovering their mystery. During my master’s degree in structure, function and protein engineering program at Paris-Sud University, I was fascinated by the power of X-rays that solve 3D protein structures to learn about their function. That led me to contact Dr. Anne Houdusse at Curie Institute in Paris in order to pursue a PhD on myosin. I performed biochemical and structural studies on two different myosin motors responsible for deafness and uncovered how important it is to study proteins from a structure-function perspective. I decided to join Pr. Christine Petit’s lab at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, for my postdoctoral training to learn more about the auditory system and decipher the molecular mechanism of hearing. I was then recruited by the CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research, to pursue my research in Pr. Christine Petit’s lab. The sensory cells are an amazing actin-rich structure surrounded by the membrane and stuffed with a large number of proteins. I studied key proteins of the hearing system and determined their unique function in hair cells and resolved how they can interact and form complexes and achieve their role in hair cells. I recently joined Dr. Anthony Ricci’s lab as a visiting assistant professor and I am involved in understanding the role of lipid membrane composition in regulating hair cell mechanotransduction. 

Besides research, I enjoy traveling and hiking. I like gardening and love to see my plants growing. I have three lovely kids who cheerfully enliven my life.