STARR-Tools moves to cloud

... to leverage the newly re-architected Clarity workflow

STARR-Tools now in cloud

Sep 7, 2021: The STARR "Cohort Discovery and Chart Review" Tools have been ported to Google Cloud Platform as of Aug 28. Clinical data comes from the newly re-architected SHC Clarity, augmented by historical data from Cerner and Carecast/Lastword. The cohort and chart discovery tools have offered our community an intuitive GUI and low barrier to entry. The look and feel of STARR-Tools have been modernized without any substantial changes to the functionality. In a typical year, STARR-Tools are used by 800+ researchers who work on 500+ distinct IRBs. These IRBs represent 50% of total approved IRBs at SoM at any given time.  

STARR-Tools (fka STRIDE) has been running on on-premise Oracle infrastructure since its launch in 2008. The new solution uses two databases, BigQuery for the EHR data and CloudSQL for storing the user interaction. Ability to use BigQuery for EHR data allows Research IT team to run fast nightly ETLs from source Clarity in BigQuery. 

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