STARR-OMOP data science training launched

A pilot training program on OMOP Common Data Model and Nero data science platform launched

Research IT launches pilot tutorials titled "Stanford Medicine Tools for Healthcare Data Science"

Feb 4, 2020: Following our launch of STARR-OMOP dataset on Stanford Nero research computing platform, we are now offering a clinical data science training program. The trainings are being offered in collaboration with BMIR by our data science team, Priya Desai, MS, Biomedical Informatics Product Manager and Jose Posada, PhD, Sr. Clinical Data Scientist.

The program is a series of four, 1-day hands-on tutorials with increasing degrees of complexity, to provide an introduction to modern data science tools and resources for analyzing the Clinical Data available to Stanford researchers. The focus of these tutorials are to familiarize researchers with the underlying data, tools, and resources.

The trainings take place at Medical School Office Bldg (MSOB), Stanford University. Check out the syllabus and sign up sheet.