STARR Informatics Summit 2021

April 22 (pandemic edition), brought to you by Technology & Digital Solutions (TDS)

April 22, Stanford STARR Informatics Summit, Pandemic edition

STARR Informatics Summit

Priya Desai, R&D Manager Biomedical Informatics, Research IT, Innovation and Translation (IaT) at TDS, and Nigam Shah, Professor of Biomedical Informatics, and Data Science at IaT are inviting you to the first ever STARR informatics summit.

We are delighted that over 175 unique participants joined us to listen to keynote, STARR wins, and the live panel, and met with Stanford service providers, participated in workshops and much more. We thank all the participants, speakers and organizers for making this event a tremendous success. 

Pease follow links in the agenda for slides and video recordings for the entire day.


  1. George Hripscak, Chair and Vivian Beaumont Allen Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University, Keynote (video)
  2. Priya Desai, Manager of Biomedical Informatics R&D, Celebrating Wins (video)
  3. Birju Patel, Stanford Fellow and panel moderator, Linking multimodal clinical data - Successes,   Challenges, and Barriers  (video)