MyHeart Counts data for citizen scientists

MyHeart Counts health data released to citizen scientists

Apr 20, 2019:  MyHeart Counts is a smartphone-based cardiovascular health study wherein participants contributed data via an iPhone application built using Apple’s ResearchKit framework. Now, de-identified information from the first six months of the study will be available through Sage Bionetworks’ data hub. The information includes daily activity levels, blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipid levels or more. Although the study recruited over 50,000 users within an interval of 6 months, the mean time of engagement with the app was 4.1 days. For further details, please read the latest Nature publication from the research team.

Stanford IRT has supported MyHeart Counts since 2015 by managing server infrastructure and APIs to support the phone application and collect genomic data from 23andMe. Multiple updates to the MyHeart Counts app were released during the study period to address software issues and implement new features. Data continues to be collected on the Stanford servers.

The MyHeart Counts project was genesis of Research IT's mHealth platform. Our mHealth platform has since supported other similar studies. An active ongoing study is "Studying TRiggers in Everyday Activity for Migraine," STREAM. Recently, we migrated the platform from Stanford's secure on-premise data center to our secure Google Cloud data center to reduce ongoing operational costs and improve our ability to deliver solutions in a flexible, robust manner.