mHealth v2 platform launched

A secure place for mobile applications to store data and perform off-device analytics

Research IT launches a new suite of capabilities for its mHealth platform

May 18, 2020:  The mHealth Platform is a set of HIPAA-compliant services operated and maintained by Research IT to provide a secure place for mobile applications to store data and perform tasks that cannot be accomplished directly on a device. The first version of the mHealth Platform provides services for mobile applications to handle participant sign up, email verification, consent, and participation status. It also provides services for getting sensor and participant data off the device and into our environment. Data can be accessed via dashboards or downloaded via researcher APIs. The mHealth Platform has been used in support of large-scale population health studies such as MyHeartCounts, and targeted research studies such as STREAM (Studying TRiggers in Everyday Activity for Migraine).

The next generation of the mHealth Platform, adds support for Google's Firestore database via the Firebase SDK, and related services such as identity management. These new capabilities have been used by Stanford students as part of CS 342/MED 253 course work, and for planned research studies such as NeuroCoach. Research IT is collaborating with the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign to ensure the new Open Source mobile development framework CardinalKit is pre-integrated with the mHealth Platform to make it easier, faster, and cheaper than ever to build new mobile applications for research.