Pain Clinic's CHOIR in Epic

We integrated our CHOIR platform with Stanford Health Care Epic via SMART on FHIR 

July 17, 2020:  In an exciting new release, Research IT has launched a new clinical application in Stanford Health Care Epic.

This application supports patient care at the pain clinic. The specific application, leverages an extension of CHOIR platform referred to as “CHOIR on FHIR”, and can be loaded within Epic. Providers can view appointments and the respective survey result of their patient without leaving Epic. This application can be launched from the patient chart window. CHOIR on FHIR current features include listing appointments for a patient, display completed survey results and visualize score history (PROMIS and other measures) in a chart like tool. 

Clinics running on CHOIR can customize their specific application for Epic.

History of patients assessment charted - as seen in the Epic view.


Research IT has partnered with Prof Sean Mackey for many years to design, build and maintain the Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry, the CHOIR platform. This platform now serves many clinics at Stanford and elsewhere. 

CHOIR tracks patient health status over time. Patients receive email requests to complete their assessments at various times (for example, prior to an appointment or after an intervention), and they can complete these assessments at home using their phone or computer, or at the clinic using a provided tablet. Results are made available to the doctors for clinical care and can be accessed for quality or research purposes. Assessments typically use standard NIH PROMIS instruments with computer adaptive testing to improve scoring accuracy while minimizing patient burden. Assessments usually contain other custom content and scoring/branching logic as well. Patients complete health assessments at home using their phone or in the clinic with a provided iPad, and their doctor can monitor their status over time. Assessments use sophisticated techniques such as computer adaptive testing to minimize patient burden and provide standardized, validated instruments. 

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