News and Stories

These are articles and news stories on the work Research IT has been doing over the years. Please visit us again to read the new articles we will be posting in the future.

  • ResearchIT-2021-year-in-review

    Jan 15, 2022:With shelter-in-place continuing, Research IT team has settled down in the new remote work cluture.

  • OHDSI-2021-Symposium

    Oct 30, 2021: Jose Posada, Ph. D., and Priya Desai presented two posters to showcase Research IT work.

  • Manuscript on flowsheet data integration in STARR

    Sep 21, 2021:We mapped several vital flowsheets and integrated the mapping in OMOP measurements table.

  • Manuscript on integration of Beside Monitoring data with STARR

    Sep 21, 2021:For the several years, Research IT has helped LPCH archive pediatric bedside monitoring data.

  • Research IT Summer Internship

    Sep 17, 2021:Ms Sonam Welekarjoined us for a period of three months for an internship led by our NLP expert Dr.

  • A new SHC Clarity for SoM

    Aug 21, 2021:For the last dozen years, Research IT had maintained a parallel workflow in Stanford School of Medicine (SoM) datacenter for generating a copy of SHC Clarity for research use.

  • Zipcode in de-identified OMOP data

    May 17, 2021: In collaboration with University Privacy Office (UPO), Research IT has made five digit zipcode available in the de-identified STARR OMOP data.

  • Featured on Google higher education site

    March 1, 2021: Our STARR-OMOP portfolio was highlighted on Google Higher Education website.

  • STARR Informatics Summit 2021

    Priya Desai, R&D Manager Biomedical Informatics, Research IT, Innovation and Translation (IaT) at TDS, and Nigam Shah, Professor of Biomedical Informatics, and Data Science at IaT are inviting you to the first ever STARR informatics summit.

  • ResearchIT-2020-year-in-review

    Dec 15, 2020:With shelter-in-place, research pace hasn't reduced. If anything, COVID-19 may have accelerated the pace of research and increased the sense of urgency.