Our Teams

Solutions Team

Andrew Martin, PhD leads the Solutions team, the front door to RIT services, connecting researchers with the appropriate solutions for data capture and management.

Members: Alvaro Alvarez, YongJae Lee, Irvin Szeto, Lee Ann Yasukawa, Jordan Schultz, Ryan Valentine

Applications Team

Susan Weber, PhD leads the Applications team, responsible for delivering custom engineering solutions.

Members: Eileen Loh, Sanjay Malunjkar, Tina Seto, Joe Pallas

Product & Operations Team

Somalee Datta, PhD is the Director of Research IT and leads the Product & Operations team, responsible for delivering quality products and services across the entire Research IT portfolio. Her team works closely with faculty and all Research IT teams to support successful execution and customer satisfaction.

Members: Nivedita Shenoy, Priya Desai, Jose Posada, Stephanie Byrne-Valderrama, David Love

Platform Team

Garrick Olson leads the Platform team, responsible for delivering core infrastructure components for research (e.g. STARR) and translation efforts (e.g. CHOIR).

Members: Deepa Balraj, Wencheng Li, Joe Mesterhazy, Teresa Pacht, Beakal Asefa, Lei Wang, Ciaran O'Reilly

Team Members

Alphabetical order

Álvaro Álvarez

Solutions Team

Álvaro A. Álvarez is a Systems Engineer with years of experience in data and database management as well as project management. His primary role as a REDCap Specialist is to support various research projects from the school of medicine. Prior to joining Stanford, he was Resource Coordinator at Genentech and Data Manager at Caucaseco Scientific Research Center in Columbia.  

Beakal Asefa, MS

Platform Team

Beakal is an web developer in our CHOIR team and brings seven years of experience building web applications for healthcare services and travel companies. Beakal has a Master's in Computer Science and has been designing and developing web applications with MEAN and Java/Spring stacks, among other technologies.

Deepa Balraj, MS

Platform Team

Deepa Balraj is an ETL Engineer on the STARR project. She works on the system that extracts, processes and loads electronic health information from Stanford hospitals into the STARR system. She is a skilled software professional with 10+ years of experience in software development, vendor management, project management, performance engineering, and application administration, most recently at IBM. Her interests outside work involves classical dance and traveling.

Stephanie Byrne-Valderrama

Product & Operations Team

Stephanie is Research IT's customer liaision and project coordinator. She brings her exceptional administrative skills to streamline our customer's experience. Prior to joining our team, she was restuarant and HR manager at Limon in Walnut Creek. Prior to Limon, she was Executive Assistant and Office Manager at Steelwedge Software in Pleasanton. She is currently majoring in Business Management from University of Phoenix.

Somalee Datta, PhD

Director of Research IT and Product & Operations Team Leader

Somalee Datta is the Director, Research IT. Somalee comes to Research IT from the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine where she pioneered technology platforms in the areas of Big Data and Genomics, including innovative cloud-based methods for genomic analysis.  Prior to that she spent a dozen years working in Bay Area focused on next generation sequencing (Thermo Fisher), and drug development (Verseon). Somalee has a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from Boston University.

Priyamvada (Priya) Desai, MS

Product & Operations Team

Priya joins our team as Product Manager. Prior to this role, she was a Biomedical Scientst at Stanford Department of Genetics and Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine. Prior to a career in Data Science in biomedical area, she was an astrophycisist with Space Science Laboratory in UC Berkeley and Chandra Software Data Systems Group at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. She has a Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Jae Lee, MBA

Solutions Team

Jae Lee, MBA is the Application Engineer responsible for the client framework development platform. She worked for several years in consulting before moving to software. She has extensive application development and QA experience including both black- and white-box testing and is currently supporting the REDCap user community, offering best practices review and implementing custom feature requests.

Wencheng Li, MS

Platform Team

Wencheng joins us from Citrix where he was architect of Citrix ShareFile Healthcare. He was co-founder of Image32 and the company was aquired by Citrix. Prior to that, he was architect at Orange Labs San Francisco where he developed a video recommendation system. He has a MS in Software Engineering from San Jose State University.

Eileen Loh, MS

Applications Team

ileen Loh, MS is a Software Engineer who works primarily on the High Risk Infants Follow-up Quality of Care Initiative. Eileen began her software career at Sun Microsystems, optimizing performance of early versions of Java. She has over ten years of experience analyzing, optimizing and implementing application server and middleware code. Prior entering the software industry, Eileen worked as a scale-up/manufacturing engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and has a BS in Chemical Engineering.

David Love, MS

Product & Operations Team

David Love is the Strategy and Operations Lead for Research IT.  Dave comes to IRT after many years at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he played a variety of lnformation Technology leadership roles. Prior to joining Stanford in 2002, he worked at several Bay Area technology startup companies.  He has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Sanjay Malunjkar

Applications Team

Sanjay Malunjkar is Senior Technical Lead of the STARR project. He leads the team building HL7 message processing systems to populate the clinical data repository that forms the core of the STARR system. He is a computer scientist and software professional who had developed applications in financial services, legal, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications, marketing, and airline sectors using web services and J2EE before joining Research IT in 2006.

Andrew Martin, PhD

Solutions Team Leader

Andrew Martin, PhD is Principal Informatics Architect and Solutions Team Leader. He has developed and managed informatics platforms for multiple biotech and drug-discovery companies, specializing in complex data mining, analysis and visualization. He received his PhD in bioorganic chemistry with Dr. Peter Schultz at UC-Berkeley studying protein dynamics and in vivo unnatural amino acid incorporation.

Glenna Mayo

Applications Team

Glenna is a full-stack software engineer who has worked on projects from operating systems to mobile user interfaces. She brings experience in both software development and healthcare data processing from Bay Area firms ranging from stalwarts HP & Yahoo, to startups, to a proof of concept government grant for the Veterans Administration converting old data to JSON-LD FHIR. Glenna has a lifelong interest in clean design/well-tested software architecture and beautiful user interface that helps improve quality of life for people. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, gardening, photography, and culinary experiments.

Joe McCullagh

Product & Operations Team

Joe joins our team as a Biomedical Informatics Project Manager. Prior to this role, he worked in medical device product and program management for BioFire Diagnostics, Baxter International and Remedy Informatics.  Early on, Joe worked as Research Associate for physiology and neurobiology translational and basic science labs at the University of Utah.

Joe Mesterhazy

Platform Team

Joe Mesterhazy is a Senior Software Developer for Research IT, as part of a team building a managed interdisciplinary research data commons. He has over 15 years of experience in higher education IT, and over 10 years of experience as a clinical and research software developer specializing in medical imaging. He joins us from the UCSF Department of Radiology at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

Garrick Olson

Platform Team Leader

Garrick is our Infrastucture and Architecture Lead and is our Platform Team Leader. After studying mathematics and computer science, he built software for banking and corporate finance before joining us in 2007. His research interests include application security, performance, and data visualization.

Ciaran O'Reilly

Platform Team

Ciaran O'Reilly is Sr. Informatics Software Developer, working on building out our STARR cloud infrastructure for researchers to make discoveries with medical data. Ciaran joins us most recently from Nuance Communications, where he worked on the research and development of a next generation dialog management system. Prior to Nuance he worked at SRI International in their artificial intelligence lab for almost 10 years and before that he was involved in multiple projects across different business domains. Ciaran has a PhD in Software Engineering and an interest in all things AI. Interests include reading, video games, 3D modeling/printing, and off-road adventures. He lives and works remotely from Portland, Oregon.

Teresa Pacht

Platform Team

Teresa Pacht is a Senior Software Developer on the CHOIR project. Prior to joining Research IT she was with Stanford University Libraries for 9 years as a Systems Developer for their "Bench>Press" product, a web-based manuscript tracking and management services application. Teresa is a computer scientist and software professional with extensive system design and development experience across a wide range of applications including publishing, manufacturing, finance and supply chain management. She lives and works remotely from Oregon.

Joe Pallas, PhD

Applications Team

Joe Pallas is a Senior Software Developer for Research IT. He has a PhD from Stanford’s Computer Science department, and has returned to Stanford after working for a number of Silicon Valley companies large and small.  His software interests include distributed systems, tools for data manipulation and analysis, and strategies for software quality and maintainability. Outside of work Joe practices the equestrian sport of dressage.

Jose Posada Aguilar, PhD

Product & Operations Team

Jose joins our team (and Shah lab) as Sr. Clinical Data Scientist. He has extensive background in NLP, text mining and clinical ontologies. He has a PhD in Biomedical Informatics from University of Pittsburg.

Jordan Schultz

Solutions Team

Jordan Schultz is a Research Engineer currently working on implementing web applications for projects associated with Research IT. He is a recent graduate from UC-Davis where he studied computer science while playing on the volleyball team. Aside from interests in fitness, music, and technology, he is an avid foodie and is also aspiring to pursue graduate school in the future.

Tina Seto, MS

Applications Team

Tina Seto is a Senior Clinical Data Engineer and is currently supporting the Oncoshare breast cancer research project, diverse data-intensive investigator-initiated research projects, Stanford's i2b2 implementation and the STARR project. She has a MS in Computer Science from Stanford and previously worked at Oracle and a startup before joining Research IT in 2009.

Nivedita Shenoy, MBA

Product & Operations Team

Nivi is an experienced IT business analyst and integral part of the Research IT Product team. She is driving adoption of Agile within Research IT and is scrummaster of our sprint teams. She has a Bachelors in Commerce, from Delhi University, India and MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, India.

Irvin Szeto

Solutions Team

Irvin Szeto is a Software Developer for Research IT. He has worked within the Internet industry in the Valley for over 12 years. His interests besides crafting elegant and invisible UX/UI for his users include data mining and visualizations as pertains to his work and areas outside of work such as sports and finance.

Ryan Valentine

Solutions Team

Ryan Valentine is a REDCap Application Specialist in the RIT Solutions team with experience in customer service and data vending. His goal is to assist School of Medicine research teams with the management of their research projects. He studied Economics at Miami University.

Lei Wang, MS

Platform Team

Lei is a Sr. Developer in our CHOIR learning healthcare application team. She joins us most recently from LPCH, where she led an effort to design and implement a patient-facing public portal and web applications used by doctors for patient care. Prior to LPCH, she worked at a variety of bay area companies, including Intel and HP. Lei has a Master's in Computer Science. She lives here in Palo Alto, where she is active volunteering for school and community projects. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and eating pie.

Susan C. Weber, PhD

Applications Team Leader

Susan C. Weber, PhD, is the Engineering Director, and the Applications Team Leader. Susan has led multiple technological innovations and solutions at SoM and is the lead author of several peer reviewed publications including STRIDE and Real-time Complex Event Stream Processing System. She has a PhD in Computer Science and 20 years' experience as a professional software developer. She has been with IRT since 2003.

Lee Ann Yasukawa, MS

Solutions Team

Lee Ann Yasukawa, MS is the Senior Application Developer affiliated with the Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Database project. Lee Ann was originally a control systems engineer at SLAC, then spent several years as both a server side engineer and an application developer on the Coghead platform.

Ihab Zeedia, MS

Solutions Team

Ihab Zeedia, MS is a Software Developer in the Solutions Team. He has a master’s degree in information systems management with a decade of professional experience in development from manufacturing, e-commerce and social media companies. His interests are in data mining, Business Intelligence and learning new technologies.