We look foward to seeing you in Munzer Auditorium Thursdays at noon!

The goal of ReMS is to create a forum for Stanford researchers to meet, learn what is going on in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at Stanford, and spark collaborations.  You will often hear the latest unpublished research presented.  The topics include all areas of regenerative medicine and stem cell biology, ranging from fundamental biological and medical principles to engineering and novel applications in biotechnology and human disease.

Who we are: Our interests range from mechanisms of signaling to regulation of gene expression and chromatin state underlying cell fate decisions, to regulation of stem cell quiescence, self-renewal, proliferation and differentiation, to tissue formation and embryonic patterning. Our approaches are interdisciplinary, spanning from biology, through chemistry, engineering, medicine, bioinformatics, to artificial intelligence, and from single molecules to cells, tissues, and whole organisms.

Fall 2024 season starts September 26! Contact us to be added to the ReMS mailing list.

Complete seminar schedule available here.