Relman Lab News

Happy Birthday David!

David's surprise birthday party.

Congratulations Christine!

Christine will be starting a postdoc position in Matthew Sullivan's lab at The Ohio State University. 

Congratulations Fiona!

Fiona will be starting a position at Cepheid following a stint at Noma in Copenhagen.

The Relman Lab at ASM Microbe 2017

Liz, David, Fiona, Christine, Veda, Dan

The Relman Lab during a visit from NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins

Top: Dan, David, Kate, Arati, Henry, Les, Stephanie

Bottom: Amy, Veda, Megan

A conversation from space with astronaut, Stanford alumna

By Holly Alyssa Maccormick, photo by Steve Castillo

At a Stanford Medicine event Sept. 29, audience members spoke with Kate Rubins, who was aboard the International Space Station.

Relman asked, “Looking back at graduate school, is there something you think helped prepare you for what you are doing now?”

Rubins replied, “Getting the chance to be at Stanford, to do work there, to train under you and Pat [Brown, MD, PhD, professor emeritus of biochemistry] and all of the associated mentors, friends and colleagues there, taught me to be a scientist. I put this to use every day.”