Operating in tandem with Stanford Medicine’s Commission on Justice and Equity, the Racial Equity to Advance a Community of Health (REACH) Initiative at Stanford Medicine is dedicated to training a new generation of leaders in medicine and science who will actively promote health equity, racial equity, and social justice and work to reduce our society’s devastating health disparities.


REACH Leadership

Dean Lloyd Minor

Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine

While we have made much progress at Stanford weaving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of our institution, there are still many opportunities for improvement. We must be vigilant about keeping our pipelines filled with talented students and faculty that reflect all segments of our society while sending a clear signal that every student at Stanford Medicine is responsible for developing the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to fight health disparities.

Terrance Mayes

Associate Dean for Equity and Strategic Initiatives, SoM - Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity

THE REACH INITIATIVE will help ensure that we continue building on our progress in a coordinated effort to diversify our academic community while enhancing academic opportunities in health equity research and clinical practice. The impact, will prepare more URM and first-generation students for admission to medical schools across the country while sharing learnings and perspectives in a deepened relationship with our nation’s HBCUs. Also, as our graduates assume leadership roles in medicine, they’ll have an incalculable impact on future generations of medical school students and faculty as much-needed mentors and role models

The REACH Initiative 2023 Impact Report


Building a Culture of Health Equity Monthly Lecture Series

 Operationalizing Racial Justice


(Microlearning Module): Operationalizing Racial Justice


Breaking The Bias In the Health Ecosystem


Health Equity Research in the LGBTQ+ Community


The Past and Future of Race in Medicine: Building a Health Equity Framework


Initial Collaborators