Group photos

The lab celebrates Lunar New Year with a feast prepared by Sheng-Yao and Fang Fang! Everyone ate delicious braised pork belly, Chinese sausage, steamed mackerel, lobster, stir fried chicken, and lotus root. Charles also treated everyone to an amazing tiramisu! We rang in the new year with good luck.

The lab gets together at Zhen's apartment to make dumplings with the mushrooms from Zhen's Napa trip! Irene found the unlucky dumpling and the group played poker with pennies

Visiting professor Yongfeng Zhao from Jackson State University treats the lab to lunch at Howie's Pizza in Nov 2023. We learned a lot about fluorescence and MPI imaging during his visit to our lab!

Jinghang visits our group after moving to UVa! A selfie snapped after group lunch in June 2023.

Group Lunch_2022

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