Preethi Bala Balakrishnan

Preethi’s research interests comprise of nanoimmunotherapy involving thermal and immunotherapies, to target and eliminate solid tumors. She believes that a successful cancer therapeutics for advanced cancers should include a treatment modality that can rapidly debulk accessible tumor/s, at the same time elicit antigen-specific immunogenicity, leading to an abscopal effect to eliminate distant/metastasized tumor/s. She is also interested in nanoimmunotherapy platform to improve dysfunctional immune cells in infectious diseases like HIV-1 and SARS-CoV-2, utilizing shock and kill mechanism, triggering NK cells based ADCC and/or T cell cytotoxicity.

Preethi’s scientific interest began at her internship in Harvard-MIT-Health Science and technology program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, under mentorship of Prof. Ali Khademhosseini. After her brief internship, he pursued a Ph.D in Nanochemistry for Biomedical application in Dr. Teresa Pellegrino’s laboratory in Italy, where she primarily studied iron-oxide nanoparticles and spinel ferrites as magnetic fluid hyperthermia agents, testing their efficacy to eradicate adenocarcinoma. After her Ph.D, she undertook a postdoctoral researcher position in Prof. Rohan Fernandes lab for nanoimmunotherpy and collaborated with Dr. Catherine Bollard, Director of Cell Therapies, Children’s National Hospital, Bethesda, MD, where she explored nanoparticles based photothermal therapy in combination with antibody-based checkpoint and agonistic immunotherapies to eliminate solid cancers like melanoma, glioblastoma and breast cancer. She also helped develop two novel nanoimmunotherapy platform utilizing NK cells to target and eliminate latent HIV-1 reservoir. In Dr. Rao’s lab, she is looking to discover new molecular targets for imaging, to predict early outcome and success of immunotherapy.

Education details

B.Tech: Bioengineering, SASTRA University, India

M.Tech: Medical Nanotechnology, SASTRA University, India (1-year research internship at MIT, Boston, USA)

Ph.D.: Nanochemistry for biomedical applications, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genoa, Italy

Postdoctoral training: Nanoimmunotherapy, The George Washington University Cancer Center, Washington DC, USA

List of publications

&These authors contributed equally

*Corresponding author

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