Deeper Learning

Thursday February 22nd - Friday February 23rd

Program Agenda

Please note: All times are in Pacific Standard Time

Thursday Presentations

Friday Presentations

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Thursday, February 22

7:15             Breakfast (served at the conference center)

Welcome and Introduction

8:00             Deeper Learning                                                                                         David Larson


Session 1: Emerging Concepts                                                                                JayPahade(Moderator)                                                            

8:20             “Project Less”                                                                                                  Juliana Bueno

8:35             Standardizing Practice Across Multiple Sites                                     Andy Bierhals

8:50             Making the Case to Expand the Quality Team                                   Ben Wandtke

9:05             Role of the Well-being Director in Improvement                              Luke Yoon

9:20             Panel Discussion                                                                                            Jay Pahade (Moderator)

9:45             Break


Session 2: Practical Applications                                                                           Audrey Verde (Moderator)

10:00           Improving MRI Access                                                                                  Rachel Smith

10:15           Remote MRI Scanning and Supervision                                               Elizabeth Evans

10:30           EHR Optimizations to Improve Ordering and Scheduling           Daniella Asch, Marie Hausner

10:45           Radiology Pathology Correlation                                                           Andrei Purysko, Ryan Ward


Session 3: Keynote

11:00           Multipliers                                                                                                        Liz Wiseman


12:00           Lunch                                                                                                                     


Session 3: Group Learning Activity                                                                        David Larson, Allison Faust (Moderators)

1:00             “Yes, And…”

1:45             Break


Session 4 (Concurrent): “Surviving and Thriving Through Workforce Shortages”                             


4a: Radiologists                                                                                                                Gloria Hwang (Moderator)

2:00             Role of APPs to Optimize Radiologists’ Efforts                                Arun Krishnaraj

2:15             Recruiting and retaining radiologists in private practice            Arthy Saravanan

2:30             Moderated Discussion                                                                         


4b: Technologists/Nurses/Admin Leaders                                                            Dave Facchini (Moderator)

2:00             Recruiting, retaining, and supporting staff                                       Christoph Zorich, Paulo Castaneda

2:15             Programs for staff recruitment, retention, and wellbeing          Alpana Patel Camilli, Chelsy Coco

2:30             Moderated Discussion                                                                         


4c: Quality Improvement Leaders                                                                                  

2:00             Setting Up Performance Measurement                                             Kandice Garcia-Tomkins

                     (Small Group Discussion)


3:00             Break


Session 5: Rapid Fire Project Presentations                                                   Ben Wandtke (Moderator)

3:10             Reducing need for anesthesia on inpatient MRIs                             Janelle Van Luling, Nicole Nardecchia

3:20             Improving Lung Cancer Screening at Cedars Sinai                          Sara Ghandehari


Session 6: Lessons in Improvement                                                                    Ben Wandtke (Moderator)

3:30             ACR Learning Network: Prostate MRI                                                     Andrei Purysko

3:45             ACR Performance Challenge: How Do You Measure Up?               David Larson

4:00             Out of the Ivory Tower: Lessons from the Field                                Neville Irani

4:15             Staff Appreciation: Automating Patient Praises                                Nelly Tan

4:30             Reception

6:00             End of Day



Friday, February 23


7:00-7:45   Using AI for Assessing Clinical History                                              David Larson, Matt Petterson,

                                                                                                                                                 Stanford AI Eval Lab                    

7:15             Breakfast (served at the conference center)


Session 7: Informatics                                                                                                 Alex Towbin (Moderator)

8:00             Implementing AI into the Clinical Practice                                          Alex Towbin

8:10             Building the Clinical AI Team at Rad Partners                                    Nina Kottler

8:35             Developing a Clinical Program AI at the Mayo Clinic                        Rick White

9:00             Panel Discussion                                                                                          Alex Towbin (Moderator)

9:30             Break                                                                                                                     


Session 8 (Concurrent): Learning from Each Other                                              

9:45             Session 8a: Radiologists                                                                                David Larson (Moderator)

9:45             Session 8b: Technologist/Nursing/Administrative/QI Leaders     Rachel Smith (Moderator)


11:15           Break

11:30           Summary and Final Thoughts                                                                     David Larson

12:00           End of Program