SHC Awards 2021

Left to right: Chris Beaulieu, Gloria Hwang, Sanjiv Gambhir, Michael Goris

April 2, 2021

Members of the Department of Radiology’s faculty were honored with 2021 SHC Awards. Honorees were selected from across various disciplines of the hospital by Stanford Healthcare leadership.

Department of Radiology awardees include:

Chris Beaulieu, MD, PhD, Excellence in Teaching

Gloria Hwang, MD, Physician of the Year

Sanjiv Gambhir, MD, PhD, Lifetime Honorary Medical Staff Award

Michael Goris, MD, Lifetime Honorary Medical Staff Award

Their dedication to patients and community during this challenging year has been extraordinary. 2020 was a year of heroic contributions by the entire Stanford Medicine team. A replay of the awards ceremony is available for those who were not able to attend the live event.