2017 Molecular Imaging Young Investigator Prize Awardees: Dr. Katheryne Wilson and Dr. Jinghang Xie!

January 24, 2017

MIPS is pleased to announce the winners of our Molecular Imaging Young Investigator Prize, awarded to a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow affiliated with one of our MIPS Faculty. Applicants were asked to submit a 3-page proposal describing a new research project they would like to pursue for one year with a budget of $30,000.

All applications were reviewed by our MIYI review committee, composed of members from four different departments to cover the wide range of knowledge areas related to molecular imaging. We received a very large number of well-written proposals with highly innovative ideas, and the selection process was therefore very competitive. The two selected winners showed their ability to write a proposal that clearly described the innovation and significance of their ideas, and in addition, they successfully defined a work scope and budget that was realistic and feasible for the given time-line.

Congratulations to our MIYI awardees!

Dr. Katheryne Wilson

Translational Molecular Imaging Laboratory (TMIL)

Proposal: Spectroscopic Photoacoustic and Fluorescence Imaging of B7-H3 Antibody-ICG Dye Conjugates for Intraoperative Margin Assessment.

Dr. Jinghang Xie

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Laboratory (CMIL)

Proposal: Methionine Aminopeptidase II (MetAP2) Activated In Situ Self-Assembly of Small-Molecule Probes for Imaging Aggressive Prostate Cancer.

MIYI Runner-ups

We also want to acknowledge our two runner-ups for this Prize, who both had very competitive and well-written proposals. They will receive a certificate of acknowledgement for their proposals.

Dr. Amin Aalipour

Multimodality Molecular Imaging Lab (MMIL)

Proposal: A Combinatorial Immunotherapy for Solid Tumors.

Dr. Corinne Beinat

Multimodality Molecular Imaging Lab (MMIL)

Proposal: [18F]FDG's little brother.