Dr. Daldrup-Link Appointed to Join the Radiology Leadership Team

New initiatives within MIPS and the Department of Radiology

August 1, 2017

The Stanford Cancer Institute is experiencing many transitions right now with new upcoming opportunities for imaging research. The Cancer Imaging & Early Detection Program, which is part of the Stanford Cancer Institute NCI grant, has been Co-led by Drs. Sanjiv Sam Gambhir and Chris Contag in collaboration with many other investigators. It supports pre-clinical and clinical research on cancer imaging and the operation of the small animal imaging facility (SAIF). After the departure of Dr. Contag, Dr. Heike Daldrup-Link will now co-lead this program with Dr. Gambhir as the Co-Director for Cancer Imaging & Early Detection at the Cancer Institute and contribute new research directions as Director for Pediatric Molecular Imaging within the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford.

In these new roles, Dr. Daldrup-Link will work on the development and clinical translation of pediatric molecular imaging technologies to e.g. pediatric PET-MR and initiate new and joint grant applications on cancer imaging. Dr. Daldrup-Link will also lead the small animal imaging facilities at Clark, SIM1 and Porter, working with the SAIF team and vendors on a $3M rebuild of the facility. Interested faculty members are welcome to contact Dr. Daldrup-Link to join the Cancer Imaging & Early Detection program, Pediatric Molecular Imaging efforts and/or to provide input on new equipment for the SAIF.

The Radiology Department will also launch a new initiative to foster and improve the diversity of faculty, trainees and staff. Dr. Daldrup-Link has been appointed to lead this initiative as Associate Chair for Diversity. Together with diversity representatives from each division within the Department, Dr. Daldrup-Link will develop a strategic plan and start new initiatives in collaboration with other Departmental leadership and representatives from the SOM Deans office. Please contact Dr. Daldrup-Link if you are interested to join our new Radiology diversity initiative.

Congratulations Dr. Daldrup-Link!