The Mentoring Program of the Department of Radiology

The Importance of Mentorship

The School of Medicine believes that mentoring junior faculty is integral to scientific and clinical success and professional fulfillment.

Mentoring junior colleagues is not only good cultural practice but is required by university policy.

Our Goal

Department leadership and the Mentoring Council of the Department of Radiology aim to enhance mentoring in the Department.

  • Mentors (Senior Faculty) - Associate Professors, Clinical Associate Professors, Professors and Clinical Professors
  • Mentees (Junior Faculty) - Assistant Professors, Clinical Assistant Professors, and Clinical Instructors

Mentors provide guidance in the areas of clinical care, research, teaching, administrative/leadership interests, and well-being. 


Radiology Mentoring Surveys and Questionnaires

The Mentoring Council of the Department of Radiology

Luke Yoon, MD, Program Chair

Robert Boutin, MD 

Marta Flory, MD 

Ben Franc, MD, MS, MBA 

Michael Iv, MD 

Bryan Lanzman, MD 

Carina Mari Aparici, MD

Eric Rosen, MD 

Uzma Waheed, MD 

Questions or Comments?

Please send all questions and comments to Luke Yoon, Director of Faculty Well-being, at