Rad Combinator is an initiative of our residency program to support residents in developing passions and non-interpretive skills that complement their radiology training. The initiative aims to support innovative ideas by residents to enrich their own education. Residents receive one half academic day a week to pursue a diverse range of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Health policy
  • Health equity
  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Your own ideas!


Each Rad Combinator project should have clear goals and demonstratable milestones that residents will share every 6 months with the residency as they make progress.


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be in their R2 year or higher (PGY-2 for DR and IR/DR residents or PGY-3 for NM/DR residents).
  • Have scored ≥25th percentile on their most recent DIXIT exam.
  • Have and maintain ≥50% grand rounds lecture attendance.
  • Have and maintain ≥75% Thursday resident lecture attendance.


Application structure as follows:

  • Names of applicant and faculty mentor (does not need to be within Radiology)
  • Title of proposed project
  • Specific Aims / Significance
  • Preliminary Data (for renewals only)
  • Methods (including statistical analysis)
  • Timeline (not to exceed 1 year)
  • References
  • Applications are limited to 1-2 pages for initial applications and 1 page for renewals, excluding references.
  • Please send the application as a Microsoft Word (docx) file with the following naming convention Surname,GivenName_RadCombinator.docx (e.g. Vigneault,Davis_RadCombinator.docx).

Questions? Contact Davis Vigneault, current liaison.

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Last update: 9/15/23